Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Introduction (or why I’m here)

dawn over Oostende, Belgium

In September 2008 I first met the woman I was meant to live my life with. She came to me from Belgium, three thousand kilometers away from the place I then called home. That moment changed my life forever.

All I knew about Belgium at the time was that it was the birthplace of Tintin and some notorious pedophiles, and the one doesn’t really make up for the other. Nonetheless, in April 2010 I found myself quitting my job at the grocery store and packing my belongings to move to Belgium.

I had two failed attempts at college behind me and a student loan I’ll still be making payments on when apes take over the planet. I was ready for a fresh start. I jumped on a plane with one hand holding my suitcase and my other hand in hers.

My life now is Belgium. I’m starting college here. We’re getting married here one day, and our kids will have Flemish as their first language. Hovering above all of these future adventures is the challenge of moving to a different country, a challenge most people never have to face. I’ve got a whole society to learn.

One day I’ll have earned the right to call myself Belgian. This is the story of what I discovered in the meantime.

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