Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn 2010 arrives in Ghent

A friend tipped me about a supermarket not far from where we live, and today I went there for the first time. Since Bika's bike was vandalized last week, she has to borrow mine to get to work until her own gets out of the shop. This meant I had to walk today, but that only gave me more time to take pictures. Enjoy five snapshots from a clear, cool (10 °C) autumn day in Ghent.

This used to be a photo of a heron in the Citadelpark, but the camera turned it into an oil painting.
A pair of chickens frolicking in the Citadelpark.
Charles de Kerchovelaan reminded me of the hills of San Francisco,
which was made possible by the fact that I've never been to San Francisco.
Bikes at the station.
Many people were enjoying the sunny, if not warm, day at the park in front of the station.

Coming up next: why shopping for groceries in Belgium thrills me and annoys me

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  1. Pigeon statue! ^_^

    Awesome post, baby :D Love it! <3