Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crime and punishment II: hunks and horror

I covered most of the basics about the Belgian police force in an earlier post, but for some reason I forgot to show you what they actually look like. To make up for it, here's one of the suspiciously many photos my mother took of the policeman who came to my apartment after the burglary. His face is blurred - because.

Let's move on to 'Horror stories II'.

Horror stories II
(part one to be found in this post)

  • The Dendermonde nursery attack
Kim De Gelder. (Picture found here.)
Some things are too gruesome to be fiction. On January 23 2009, Kim De Gelder entered a nursery in Dendermonde in East Flanders. Armed with a knife, the 20-year-old man moved swiftly through the building, stabbing fifteen people, fourteen of whom were children under the age of three. He then fled the crime scene on his bicycle. A 54-year-old employee and two nine-month-old boys died from their wounds.

De Gelder was arrested shortly after the attack. He was reportedly wearing make-up similar to that of The Joker. The attack coincided with the one-year anniversary of the death of Heath Ledger, the last film actor to portray the villain.

Kim De Gelder's fate has yet to be decided by a court of law.

  • The parachute murder
Known to Wikipedia as the '2010 Belgian love triangle skydiving murder trial', this story began in November 2006 when experienced skydiver Els Van Doren fell to her death after both her primary and reserve parachutes failed to deploy. Accompanying the married mother of two in the jump were her lover, Marcel Somers, and Somers's other lover, Els Clottemans. The video recording from Van Doren's helmet camera would be used as evidence in the future murder trial.

Els Clottemans became a suspect when she attempted suicide shortly prior to giving her second statement to the police. The love triangle between the skydivers soon came into the light, and Clottemans admitted that she had felt neglected by Somers, who had favoured the late Van Doren. It is entirely likely that Clottemans, jealous of Van Doren, sabotaged the parachutes on the night before the jump, while Van Doren and Somers were sleeping in the next room. That was enough to convince the jury, who found her guilty of murder.

On October 21, 2010, Els Clottemans was sentenced to 30 years in prison.


    1. Gruesome :s The stories of course, not your writing, because your writing is awesome ;) <3

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