Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flanders Boekenfestijn 2010

My fiancé's dad loves two things among others: books and bargains. A Boekenfestijn ("book feast") has both. Off we went.

The Boekenfestijn trade fairs are held annually in various cities around Belgium (at least in Brussels and Gent, as far as I can tell). Surplus books are shipped in from warehouses all over the area and sold for a ridiculous price. Where else would you get the complete works of Shakespeare for only €7?

I was surprised and pleased by the great number of English-language books on offer. There was a healthy balance between fiction and non-fiction, and much of the literature was sorted by genre, such as new age, manga, history, and cooking. If that's not your thing, how about a book on golf course architecture? 50's automobiles? Norwegian aerial photography? It's all to be found at Flanders Expo this weekend. Rest assured that I got my share of the goods.

For an idea of how huge it was, check out this video from this year's Boekenfestijn in Brussels.