Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bart De Wever cancels plans to return to De Allerslimste Mens Ter Wereld

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, Bart De Wever attracted much attention for appearing on the popular VRT quiz show De Allerslimste Mens Ter Wereld while at the same time being entrenched in cabinet negotiations after winning the 2010 federal elections.

The next week of the show will see the top ranking players from this season pitched against each other to determine who will be the "very smartest human in the world". Today, however, Belgian newspapers report that De Wever has cancelled his plans to return to the show. From Het Laatste Nieuws (translated by Google and yours truly):
"I want my calendar and my head free for the political negotiations," said De Wever.
That makes sense. But what about his participation a couple of weeks back? The negotiations were still going on then.
"The impression was given that I put the quiz before the negotiations. This is nonsense. The shooting took place on December 30 and January 3, in the middle of the Christmas holidays, a time when other politicians were either skiing or eating turkey. No one in [the government quarter] missed me that day."
Oh, in that case.

Conclusion: you're free to question Bart De Wever's interests (how could he identify so many celebrity nipples and types of animal dung, for instance) as long as you don't call him lazy.



  1. Well said :D it's too bad, though. Who do you think that will become De Allerslimste Mens van heel de wereld? ;)

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  3. I'm guessing Eva Brems, but in this game there's no way to know for sure ;)