Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gossip about Kim Clijsters, lose job

Sports don't usually catch my interest, but this story made me laugh. It's old news by now, but that's never stopped me.

Kim Clijsters (b. 1983 in Bilzen) is Belgium's biggest female star on the tennis court. As of 6 December 2010 she is ranked World No. 3 in singles and in doubles.

On Thursday she had just defeated her second-round opponent in the Australian Open when retired tennis star Todd Woodbridge approached her for a postmatch interview. Clijsters seized the opportunity to call him out on a text message he had sent to another tennis player, Rennae Stubbs. Here's the clip.

I don't know whether Woodbridge did lose his job or not, but this definitely didn't make him any more popular.

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  1. Hahaha great! ^^
    I don't think he really lost his job, though. Wouldn't that be too harsch? To me it just sounds like he was poking fun at her.

  2. Yeah, they didn't seem to be particularly mad at each other. I don't think he'll ever do anything like that again, though...

  3. :) :)
    Never been a fan of Clijsters (I'm a Justine Henin fan) but this is a great piece. That said, there is only one female sportsperson in Belgium deserving of the title of best sportswoman ever in the country's history and that is Justine. 7 Grand Slams in a career shorter than Kim's (thanks to an elbow injury forcing Justine to quit tennis for good) , won the Olympic Gold for Belgium, praised by almost everyone in the tennis world for her brilliant technique, and maybe more introvert than Kim but certainly no less sympathic. People should never forget the hard youth Justine had while Kim lived more in a protected environment while growing up, that causes the differences in characters. Justine is more introvert, but no less friendly than Kim.

    By the way, the follow up is already there. Ann-Sophie Mestdagh (if I spell this correctly by heart): 16 years old and already a super talent. Already won several Slams in the youth category.

    Pity that Xavier Malisse never lived up to his potential, he too had the talent to win Grand Slams.

    PS: tennis is my nr 2 favourite sport, second only to football. Best tennis moment I saw in my life: Goran Ivanisevic winning the Wimbledon tournament on his last attempt, having entered as a wildcard and winning the trophy after an exhausting 5 sets final against Pat Rafter. His emotions and tears of happiness after he won were genuine, he finally realised his childhood dream while people already thought he'd never make it again. I stayed up for that final late night. Brilliant moment.