Saturday, January 29, 2011

The smartest human in the world is also the Belgian of the week


I know little to nothing about Bert Kruismans except for the fact that he's from Aalst and is possibly the only Flemish comedian to do most of his work among the francophones of Wallonia. Oh, and he also just won the final season of Flanders' ridiculously popular quiz show "De Allerslimste Mens Ter Wereld".

I know I've been writing far too much about this show. But this is really the last season. It's over.

Or so they say.

When the smoke cleared after a nerve-wrecking final round against actor Stany Crets, Bert Kruismans could raise his magnificent Van Dyke mustache in triumph. This victory was the crowning moment of a week of total dominance over his opponents. He was untouchable, and that image will now remain for Bob knows how long. There's no money prize or any sort of material award for that matter, with the exception of an official certificate of being the smartest person in the world. Which is going to look great on his resume. Far more valuable, though, is being watched and cheered on by nearly two million people, or about 75.4 per cent of all Flemings watching TV at the time.

Bert Krusimans (left) and Stany Crets in the last moments of
the (final) final round of  "De Allerslimste Mens Ter Wereld".

You can watch the video of last night's final round here (only in Flemish, of course).

Despite sky-high ratings, VRT (Flemish Radio and Television) do not intend to make any more seasons of the show. If they stay true to their word, Bert Kruismans just might get to keep the title of smartest person in the world for life. Lucky guy.


  1. Too bad it's over... I hope they will release all the seasons on DVD sometime, so we can watch everything from the beginning! I only started watching De Slimste Mens in 2009 I think, so I missed a whole lot of it!

  2. If you ask me, they should release a DVD with just the best jokes from the jury ;)