Friday, January 28, 2011

Jukebox Friday: Sandra Kim - J'aime la vie

The 1986 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Bergen, Norway on 3 May. The winner was 13-year-old Sandra Kim from Liège, whose song was titled "J'aime la vie" ("I love life"). Even though she lied about her age to get into the competition (the age limit in the contest was 15 at the time), she was allowed to keep her victory. This is Belgium's only win in the Eurovision Song Contest to date.


  1. You know she actually sang "J'aime le vie" ? ;-)

  2. I had no idea! I have yet to penetrate the mysteries of the French language. Is it a big difference?

  3. It is ironic that for my own blog I am working on an entry "the personal top-10 of Eurosong songs ever" which mainly contains stuff from the nineties for me, since that was when I watched it every year. My personal nr 1 by far was the debut entry from Russia, 1994, "Eternal Wanderer" by Youddiph. Extremely impressing.

    Belgium has sent mainly poor songs in the nineties, as if any simple commercial pop song would just do the trick. Lisa Del Bo and Sergio, those two were horribly bad. The Walloon entries were generally better (Melanie Cohl and Frederic Etherlinck for example, but even Morgane whose "Nous on veut des violons" sounded very good on record, she had bad luck that the orchestra messed up in the contest but the song itself was good)

    The Flemish entry from 2010 was however very good: Tom Dice with "Me and my guitar", a simple acoustic song with a hopeful lyric, and Tom has a great voice. It finished 6th which was the best result the Flemish ever achieved.

    Sandra Kim wasn't bad although she benefitted from the very bleak eighties (economical crisis, cold war, ...) because a tune about how life is not so bad after all would always score well in that era :) Decent song nonetheless, but check out Tom Dice, that was pure quality like Belgium rarely sent to Eurovision.

  4. PS: That own blog is (I somehow still didn't figure out what the difference is between commenting with a Wordpress URL or with Name/URL...)

    I also got the blog but that's not really a general blog, it's the site on my own poetry project. The Eurovision article will obviously, once finished, end up on The Paths Less Travelled.

  5. I'm impressed when a number as simple as "Me And My Guitar" goes on to the international event, because such songs generally don't stand a chance against the bombastic circus acts that normally sweep the audience off their feet. Perhaps they should split the contest into one part for circus acts and one part for singer-songwriters?