Saturday, February 19, 2011

Belgian of the week: Frank Focketyn

Frank Focketyn (b. 1960) is an actor and comedian from Ekeren in Antwerp. He is most famous for his comedic roles in shows such as Man Bijt Hond, In De Gloria and Het Eiland, the latter of which inspired me to write this post.

Frank Focketyn. Photo: Canvas

I first discovered Frank Focketyn when he appeared as a recurring jury member on this year's De Allerslimste Mens Ter Wereld. I remember thinking to myself that no-one could be that hilarious and sober at the same time.

Here he is singing Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights":

Destroying the set together with Urbanus:

I've named him Belgian of the week for his performance in Het Eiland ("The Island", 2004-2005), a TV series I was recently introduced to. It's a bit like The Office, at least as funny but without the mockumentary element.

Focketyn as Guido Pallemans in Het Eiland.

I couldn't find any clips with English subtitles, but here's a neat slideshow featuring the series' wonderful theme song. Hope you're having a nice weekend!