Friday, February 25, 2011

Belgium, according to the internet

Click depressingly small images to embiggen!


  1. Haha I see some very weird things there :P
    You should make the same thing about Norway so we can compare ^_^

  2. Why don't you make it? Seems only fair to me ;)

  3. I hope you know Google adapts to your own search interests ;-)

  4. Fries, chocolate, waffles and beer are our most famous export products, so I'm not too surprised with those coming on when typing "Belgium" in Google. The Atomium and the Manneken Pis make sense too since they're two of our most famous statutes (the Manneken Pis is embarrassingly small though, I wonder why all tourists find it such a sight and queue for pictures)

    Did you know there is a female counterpart of Manneken Pis too? It's called Jeanneke Pis and she stands in a small alley next to the famous Rue des Bouchers in Brussels. Due to the fact she is little known to tourists and the fact the alley is hard to notice, she is often not even supplied with enough water to make the statue work. But the statue is there nonetheless. I feel somewhat odd that two of our main statutes are urinating people ; couldn't we really have come up with something a bit more impressing?

    The Atomium was built for the world expo in the late fifties, each ball representing a province. Meanwhile, as Brabant was split in Flemish Brabant and Walloon Brabant, we now have 10 provinces, but the Atomium has only 9 balls because back when it was built Brabant was one bilingual province and the country had just 9 provinces.

    "Belgians are sick" ; "Belgians are boring" ?! Well, a few exceptions aside (who exist in EVERY country) those comments are quite harsh and I wonder how those came up.
    I won't argue with the "Belgians are depressed" as I am a very testimony to that. (no pun intended here, I am clinically depressed and am on medication for it since many many years)

  5. I think the problem with Manneken Pis is that it is the most famous "monument" in Belgium, and even if it isn't in the future, it will still be known as the statue that used to be the most famous monument in Belgium, and then people will line up to take a picture simply because of that. It's a circle that can only be broken when Manneken Pis is no more.

    And I don't see that happening any time soon.