Friday, February 4, 2011

Belgium reaches for world record of longest period without a working government

This article at the Daily Mail has a nice summary of Belgium's political crisis, along with an interesting fact:
Apart from Somalia, only Iraq has hitherto surpassed Belgium in not forming a government following democratic elections - 249 days until it saw a working administration emerge late last year.
Come 17 February, Belgium will overtake that milestone. All attempts at reaching a solution have foundered between the seven political parties that won seats in the last general election.
Will this be the end of Belgium's beloved mussels and fries? (Source)

As the political center of the European Union, Belgium should set a better example. I might join a demonstration on 17 February... If I can only write a picket sign that's funny enough.

Read the Daily Mail article here


  1. At least my dad would still make fries ;)

  2. You're right, and that's always more important ;)

  3. well aren't the two provinces better with their motherlands: Holland and France ; and being with their countrymen speaking the same language because all I hear is "the language fights in city-halls" or "the insurmountable differences in local and central government"...the official language will be French and Dutch

  4. You may be right, but it seems to me that while most parties in Wallonia wish to keep the country united, the Flemish nationalists want full independence, that is a country called Flanders. Right now it seems like that could happen within a decade.