Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Budgie-ZILLA: Belgium

This was inspired by an awesome post over at my beloved Bika's blog, Budgies Are Awesome. She wrote about Steven Hanov's fake movie Budgie-ZILLA. The photo-shopped "screenshots" of budgies destroying the world's cities inspired me. What would it look like if giant budgerigars suddenly showed up in Belgium?

A blue budgie enjoys Bruge's medieval architecture.
Om nom nom.

Fluffy wants to see the Brussels Palace of Justice (out of frame)...

...While Horatio enjoys the view at the Grand Place.

Nibbly thinks the Atomium looks delicious.

Meanwhile, Mr. Millet, Jr. has taken a trip to see the churches of Ghent.
Does anyone else think this would make an awesome film?



  1. Yeah :D but I would be really sad if they tried to hurt the budgerigars :(
    Really really love the pictures! ^_^ <3

  2. Fantastisk Erlend! Denne var virkelig god! Kanskje du skulle satse på et filmmanus?

  3. @Bika: In my movies the budgerigars always win ;) <3

    @Catherine: Thanks! ^^

    @Mamma: Monsterfugler er ikke helt min type film, men man vet jo aldri...