Monday, February 28, 2011

Loft (2008)

If you want to read a review of this film by someone who actually reviews films for a living, check out this great piece from Variety.

Loft is a 2008 Belgian film directed by Erik Van Looy, with a screenplay by Bart De Pauw.

Dutch tagline for Loft: "Five friends. One loft. One corpse."
The story
The film opens with the body of a murdered woman being found in an upmarket loft by the five men who use the loft to discreetly meet their respective mistresses. As they try to piece together what has happened, they realize that one of them must be the murderer.

The truth is slowly revealed through a series of flashbacks, each portraying the sins and vices of five men who are now in serious trouble. A well-executed twist at the end ties up the bloody mess neatly.

Why you should watch it
This is the biggest Flemish blockbuster in history, and it's definitely one of the best Belgian thrillers ever made (but don't take it from me, I've only watched two of them so far), with an all-star cast boasting some of the biggest names in Flemish film.

Van Looy has taken the basics of Hollywood film-making and sharpened them into a snarling, beautiful beast of his own making. The characters benefit the most from the film's "Flemish flavour", being vastly more intriguing than what a run-of-the-mill American production would have given you. This film shows exactly why you should watch "foreign movies" from time to time. It's like the most elegant Hollywood thriller you've ever seen, sprinkled with shavings of Belgian chocolate and fries dipped in mayonnaise. In other words: delicious. Deliciously devilish.

Why you might want to wait
So far, you can't get this film with English subtitles (unless you're okay with piracy, but I know you wouldn't steal a handbag). This will hopefully change soon: an American remake is getting to its feet, and it would be strange if the original masterpiece didn't get some extra attention.


  1. Another pearl on your blog :) I still think I should watch the movie, but you will have to comfort me afterwards ;) <3