Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weather update (photos)

It's starting to look as if the lente, or spring, has finally begun to stir beneath its chilly blanket of winter. Temperatures are rising and the sun... well, it shines for once. I took my bike for a spin and got some snaps of the sweet afternoon around Halle.

(Click pictures to embiggen)

Halle's fancy-looking railway station.

The Basilica of Saint Martin looms over the rooftops of downtown Halle.

Two railway bridges cross the canal at the south edge of town.

Ducks sleeping on the Brussels-Charleroi Canal leading south from Halle.

Seagulls being seagulls on a bridge over the canal.

The Brussels-Charleroi Canal.


  1. Very nice :) Can't wait for Summer to come back, then we can cycle even further South than we went before ^^

  2. I'm glad to hear you say that ^_^ Just promise me you won't get sunstroke ;)

  3. Så herlig å se igjen Halle og at våren er i full gang. Skulle gjerne hatt det slik her også, men -12 kuldegrader her og minst en meter med snø....