Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Belgium expands smoking ban, joins the club

This sign is instantly recognizable yet
somehow not always recognized.
Yesterday the top court of Belgium ruled to widen the country's smoking ban to include all indoor serving areas and casinos. When the ban takes effect on July 1, Germany will be the only Western European country without a national smoking ban.

Since 2009 smoking has been banned in work places, restaurants and pubs that serve food, while exemptions have been granted to cafés that only serve snacks such as crisps and peanuts. Now that's going to end.

I see one potential problem, though. Smoking rooms in restaurants and public buildings will still be permitted. In the case of some establishments, that's just as bad as if there were no ban at all.

I'm still going to be careful about where I eat. And I want to see some real results before I get on my knees and praise the system.


  1. Finally

    It seems that there's always a lot of fuss if you want to try to take care of people's health.

    Again Belgium is far behind the Scandinavian Countries.

  2. That is true. They should ban it altogether, also on the streets and other public places. But at least this is a step in the right direction.

  3. Well, some things you can't leave up to people to decide for themselves. That's why we have police.

    I agree that it should be banned in all public places, but a far easier move would be to outlaw tobacco.

    Of course, that might take another couple of hundred years...

  4. I hope we will still live to see that :)

  5. Well, we can either make sure we can wait a long time, or make the wait shorter - or both ;)