Wednesday, March 30, 2011


News sources of a more or less dubious calibre around the world are announcing that Belgium has beaten Iraq's record for the longest period without a working government. This article in De Tijd, however, tells a different story.

(Translated by yours truly)
Belgium not a record holder after all 
Yesterday, students and professors continued their 'fries revolution' with a pack of fries with mayonnaise. They are not pleased with the fact that Belgium now has properly taken the world record for government formation from Iraq. However, the world record holder is not Belgium, but Cambodia. 
After the [Cambodian] elections on 27 July 2003, it took almost a year before there was a government. On 30 June 2004 an agreement was signed which was confirmed by parliament on 15 July 2004. Thus, the world record still belongs to Cambodia. 
In Belgium we are still only at day 290. If Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Elio Di Rupo (PS) can keep the cabinet negotiations going for another two months, our country will finally be the real record holder. And that should be an achievable goal, because it doesn't look like anything will happen. 
An if we do get a new government in Belgium, let us hope that we don't end up with the same situation as in Cambodia. When Cambodia finally had a new cabinet, it consisted of no fewer than 207 ministers.
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  1. Hehe, that's good news :D But I think it just might take another few months... or years >.<