Thursday, March 10, 2011

The newest shoot on the Belgian culinary tree: chicory beer

Chicory, or witloof as the Belgians call it, is the Belgian vegetable. Now someone's gotten the brilliant idea of making a chicory-flavoured beer.
The majestic witloof. (Source)

(Translated from De Standaard Online)
Belgium is famous for its chicory and its beer. "Why not combine them?" was apparently the idea of brewer André Janssens of the brewery Hof ten Dormaal in Tildonk (near Leuven). He has created the chicory beer 'White Gold'.

Brewer André drew inspiration from his childhood: His grandparents lived in Kampenhout, where the 'white gold' was a source for prosperity at the start of the 20th century. 'I've managed to separate the special bitterness of chicory and mix it into the beer', says he.
Janssens says that the beer is hard to come by in Belgium because 90 percent of the production is exported to the U.S., where the brewery's products are available in nearly every state.

I'm glad they're experimenting, but I think chocolate beer is still the best way to get people to come to Belgium.


  1. Interesting! I think it would taste quite bitter though :)