Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jukebox Friday: Hooverphonic - Jackie Cane

Hooverphonic is one of Belgium's most internationally acclaimed bands. Originally a trip hop group at their formation in 1995, the band's sound has evolved into an eclectic blend of alternative rock and electropop. Their music has been featured in the film I Know What You Did Last Summer and on the TV shows Cold Case and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The current line-up consists of bassist Alex Callier, guitarist Raymond Geerts, and vocalist Noémie Wolfs. Geike Arnaert was the group's vocalist for the greater part of its existence (1998-2008) before going solo.

In 2000, Hooverphonic released The Magnificent Tree, their third album. One of the singles from the album was "Jackie Cane", which would later provide the basis for their 2002 concept album Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane. Thanks to the success of The Magnificent Tree, Hooverphonic became the first Belgian band to headline the Rock Werchter music festival.

Here's the video for "Jackie Cane", in which the band dress up as gunslingers and vandalize a ghost town inhabited by sentient cacti.

BONUS: live version from Rock Werchter 2006


  1. What an ending!

    I like the video, it's original ^^ Great post as always, baby ;) <3

  2. It's definitely one of the most absurd videos I've seen. Still love the song ;)


  3. Geike was an amazing vocalist, songs such as Battersea and Out Of Sight were pure magic. A magnificent singer and I wish her a great solo career.

    That said, Noémie Wolfs must be about the most attractive female singer in the country! *love*