Friday, March 18, 2011

Song of the week: Witloof Bay - With Love Baby

This one's for fans of a capella music and The Manhattan Transfer.

Witloof Bay is a vocal band formed in 2005. In May the band will perform their song "With Love Baby" in Düsseldorf as Belgium's entry in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

I don't hate the song, but how it can possibly win the hysterical party monster that the Eurovision Song Contest tends to be, is beyond me. My prediction: Bonus points for personality but not enough of the "shake your ass to the ethnic drum" factor that usually wins. And why is the band named after a vegetable?

Here's the official ESC video for "With Love Baby".

Read more about the Belgian entry at the ESC web site


  1. Hmmm no, they want something like Alexander Rybak. A capella music just doesn't stand a chance, no matter how good it is. There has to be a big show around it.

  2. Some years are exceptions, though. For Belgium's sake, let's hope this is one ;)