Friday, April 29, 2011

Belgium in the news #4


  1. Yeah, I think I saw that about the burka ban in the Metro this morning. Strange how fast some things go here :s

  2. As a Belgian living abroad I feel ashamed, very ashamed. The country I grew up in has become an intolerant place where racism rises rapidly. I have lived in Turkey and loved it with all my heart, I would actually love to move back to Turkey. No material wealth like in Europe, but they have something more important: solidarity, tolerance, harmony.

    The burqa or headscarf by some is seen as a provocative symbol. This is utter nonsense used by far right movements. This is like me saying that I don't like carnivores (I am vegetarian since childhood, haven't eaten meat or fish for 24 years now although in reality I don't dislike those who do eat meat, so this is just an example) and thus considering a McDonalds restaurant to be provocative.

    Let people dress the way the want! The islamic dress is only a provocation if worn with that intention. We talk about a small minority now. The ones who wear it because they feel comfortable doing so, without wanting to offend anyone, don't need to be punished for the behaviour of a small minority and for the intolerance of what unfortunately is no longer a small minority. I am against any dress codes. And also, we have freedom of religion, right?

    Summarised: I am against the banning of islamic gear and feel very ashamed it has to come this far. Belgium once was a tolerant country. Right now, I can simply not advise my friends here to go to Belgium. The mentality changed and I feel very embarrassed for that. Islam by the way has become part of European culture due to migration, just like western culture became part of American culture due to Europeans migrating there. And we should not reject Muslims because of a very tiny minority that misbehaves. The overwhelming majority are very nice people.

    Last but not least: Cambodia still has taken more days to form a government than Belgium, however for some odd reason the Record Book does not take them into account. Thus Belgium holds the record now. I am unsure why the Cambodian formation (which took longer than the Belgian one, assuming we would have a government tomorrow) is not recognised.

  3. The burqa is an expression of the medieval views on women in some Islamic societies. The fact that some or most of these women have been indoctrinated to think of it as perfectly normal, does not make it right.

    I think the real question is whether one should attack the embodiment of an oppressive system (the burqa) rather than the oppressive system (fundamentalist islamism) itself.