Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carnaval Halle 2011: day 1

From Wikipedia:
Every year, in the middle of Lent, Carnival is celebrated during three days. This is a colourful event, where various groups make floats and costumes or perform dances. The Halle carnival has been organized since 1905 and has grown to be one of the biggest carnivals in Belgium.
No kidding.

We went to see today's celebration, which turned out to be a storm of confetti, crowds, candy, free beer, flashy costumes, drag queens, and a barrage of loud and lousy dance music. (Well, to be honest, I didn't hate the polka version of Duck Sauce's "Barbra Streisand".)

The lady in blue had so much to drink
that she had to be carted around town.

The town is full of these things right now. If the drivers' taste in music
were as good as their sound systems, I might have been able to live with it.

Apparently, Sinterklaas isn't the only time of the
year when it's okay to wear blackface in Belgium.

Confetti and candy wrappers littered the old town square.

Two boys taking a quick break from the down-town festivities.

Finally, a video of the madness.

I was told that this was only "a little warm-up" for the main event, which starts tomorrow. Cod help me.


  1. Yes exactly! If they had been playing better music, it would already have been a little better. Consider yourself lucky you never had to endure this kind of festivities in Norway :)

  2. I'd make the world's worst carnival DJ ;)

  3. Nice posts!
    It's nice to read a different view on this magnificient event :)
    Don't forget: Saturday is just the start of the event. The Prince and Princess are carried in the barrel towards the Grote Markt. Everyone is dressed in their costume of previous years.

    BTW: the two boys at the end weren't going home - We just started and were on our way to pick up our school desk nearby... and ended on tuesday morning :)

  4. Bedankt!

    I was told about a few of the traditions of the carnival, but was not able to be present at all the events this year. I had a good time, so hopefully I'll get to see more in the future!