Sunday, April 3, 2011

Carnaval Halle 2011: day 2 (morning)

I didn't spend the evening with the revellers down-town, but thankfully De Morgen provides a full run-down of the night. Apparently, the beautiful weather caused people to start their drinking earlier than usual (see for yourself in my previous post). This led to a hitherto unmatched number of hospitalizations and arrests.
Last night, 30 people were taken to hospital, compared to last year's 19. Forty-one people received assistance at an aid station; in 2010 this number was 30% lower.
De Morgen is surprisingly vague about whether they think this is a good or a bad thing.
There were fewer fights than last year. Around 9 PM, thirty or so teenagers had a brawl in the Handbooghof, and there was also fighting on the Stationsplein. There, a wounded person was taken to a hospital. In the course of the night, six people were arrested for drinking and driving.
If this is an improvement, I'm glad I wasn't here last year!

Carnaval Halle 2011.


  1. Yeah me too... next year we should plan our city trip in the carnival weekend, hehe ;) <3

  2. Me too, just a mistake in our calculation ;)