Monday, April 4, 2011

The Tour of Flanders 2011

I can't do a blog about Belgium without mentioning the Tour of Flanders (De Ronde Van Vlaanderen), the 94-year-old road cycling race that has become Belgium's biggest sporting event. It took place yesterday, with 1.1 million Belgians watching it from the safety of their couches and tens of thousands of spectators lining up along the route to watch the wielrenners zoom by.

I can't really do justice to this annual epic of cyclistship, so I will pass the mic to The Sydney Morning Herald and their very informative article titled "'It's bloody mad' - Belgium's cobblestone classic a monument to chaos, carnage and a road warrior's courage". I also have a clip of the final moments of this year's race. The winner, as you will soon see, was Belgium's own Nick Nuyens. Enjoy!

BONUS: In case you need to be reminded of how much Belgians love cycling, check out this video.


  1. Yay the flashmob video is back ^_^
    I hope to catch something like that one day, with you :)

  2. I could hang around the Central Station all day with you ;)