Friday, May 20, 2011

Song of the week: Arsenal - Estupendo

Photo © Rob Walbers
Arsenal is one of those bands you can't believe you haven't heard about before.

The band consists of DJs Hendrik Willemyns and John Roan plus a mysterious group of musicians who accompany them on record and on tour. Their sound is electronica-tinged pop rock with equal parts latin music and hip hop thrown into the mix. The result is sexy, smooth, rough and perfectly listenable.

"Estupendo" is the opening track from Arsenal's second-to-last album, 2008's Lotuk. The amazing video was made by Javier Longobardo.


i travel around the world
just to kiss you
through airport terminals
and neon lights, i sift through
one hundred thousand miles
of swift motion and devotion
in taxi cabs, i ride
through traffic and commotion

touching your perfect face
i fall into you
as our love fills the reaches of space
i dive into you

i'm channeling heat waves
of electricity
hitch-hiking on the noise
with melting frequencies

as snow caps tease the sky
i call out your name
and the land begins to fall
under my waking dreams

no amount of distance can ever come between us