Monday, June 6, 2011

How to steal a bicycle in Antwerp

Pieterdeflieter, the uploader of this video, describes it thus:
After my 3th bike got stolen I discovered how easy it is to steal a bike in Antwerp...
BTW: in this video I steal my own bike as an example
Watch and enjoy.

[via De Morgen]


  1. Well, in my native Ghent a colleague of my mother's son bicycle got stolen. The cops saw it happen and did nothing. The response was "well, just have your pick and steal one yourself". It is very sad but apparently the police is either unmotivated or has so many worse problems to tackle that protecting the property of people is too much to ask for. The problem sadly enough exists in many Belgian cities (and probably in many cities outside of Belgium too)

  2. Sadly, "just have your pick and steal one yourself" is what they do indeed. That way, of course, it will never stop. Remember that guy we saw dragging off a bike in broad daylight in the street next to where we lived in Ghent? >.<

  3. Yes, it's completely shameless. A good reason for the government to give everyone a free bike!

  4. Yes, but those free bikes will just get stolen too the moment one person fancies an extra bike. The only way to stop this is more police in the streets and harsh fines to be paid if one gets caught.