Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Political pressure poll: results

The results from my poll are in. It turns out that not very many people think it's a good idea to take off your clothes in public or grow a beard to get a new government. On the other hand, giving out free fries and forcing politicians into a sex strike are both popular options.

Let's hope someone finally decides to take up that last piece of advice. I'm sure it will work like a charm. We might have some very grumpy-looking politicians for a while, though.


  1. Don't you get free fries all the time? ;)

  2. I shaved off my beard this week :) (that said, it grew just because of laziness... make-up and a beard are just no combination so I shouldn't let it grow in the first place)

    I am unsure in which African country it was, but denying sex to the husbands and wives of the politicians did help in some African country to get a government formed in no time. A week after the sex ban was set, the new government was declared. That said, I am not sure how long that government lasted ...

  3. @Gerrit: The African country you're speaking of was, as far as I know, Kenya.

    http://anorwegianinbelgium.blogspot.com/2011/02/plan-69-for-new-belgian-government.html ;)