Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alive and well


This is just to tell you that I have not, in fact, gone and gotten myself murdered in Oslo. I've simply been making visits in the hospital, planning my wedding, going on vacation to Norway, making long, arduous trips to IKEA, and moving to Ghent.

I apologize if anyone's been worried. Just know that everything will soon be back to normal.

For now, here's a photo from our pre-wedding party in Norway (more to come!):


  1. I must admit I was worried ; you never know you were in Oslo visiting friends at the wrong time ... In the Rosenborg fanclub (yes, I am an RBK supporter) there is an Oslo branch and of some of them I've not seen any recent messages. Hope all of them are safe.

    As a native of Ghent, let me say: WELCOME TO BELGIUM'S MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY!! And of course BEST OF LUCK with your wedding!! You'll have to learn Gents dialect now in addition to Dutch ;)

    PS: may Anders Breivik live a very long life in a small cell with no hope of ever leaving prison again, leaving him a lot of time to think about the insane acts he's done. Although I guess one has to be naive to believe someone like that will ever realise his wrongdoings. I am against the death penalty, but for cases like this I do believe life in prison is the only right sentence. With no chance of parole whatsoever.

  2. @Bika: :) <3 <3 <3

    @Gerrit: I know, I should have said something, but I kept thinking "I'll do it tomorrow". Of course, "tomorrow" has now become "in a month".

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm already quite certain that Ghent will remain my Belgian city of choice :)

    I have to tell you I don't care much for the dialect, though. In my opinion, it's to (spoken) Dutch what (spoken) Danish is to (spoken) Norwegian :p

    Breivik will spend a long time behind bars, but considering history I don't expect him to remain locked up. If he's ever deemed sane and without chance of repetition (not very likely at the moment), he will get out. I hope he doesn't live to see that day, though.

  3. Justice is a complex thing. I am against the death penalty, no matter what the crime is. In theory I am also against life in prison without a second chance, but unlike the death penalty there's exceptions where I think life behind bars is justified: serial murder, extreme treason, terrorism, and ethnic cleansing. I think we can safely say Breivik is guilty os terrorism and serial murder, so in this case I think a life in prison is justified. I also doubt it will happen (Varg Vikernes was also released despite the fact that he is clearly insane) but I think on the other hand no politician will want to risk their career by releasing Breivik and get the whole nation against them? I'd say: leave the guy behind bars, safely locked up away from normal society. He can spend the rest of his life writing manifests as much as he likes (but no internet access please so that he cannot publish them and inspire other insane persons) as long as he never leaves prison again and doesn't get too much contact with the outside world (= may the press not spend too much time on a nutcase like this and not risk to give him a forum to inspire other people with similar thoughts)

    It is quite ironic that his own father (with whom he had no contacts anymore for years) said in the press that he would have rather had that his son committed suicide than to see what he did now. For a parent to say such words... that says enough how horrifying the crime was. Luckily it also means that his family is on the sane side of society and won't ever forgive him or try to get him out of jail.