Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Norwegian and a Belgian in Norway

My account of the past weeks begins with the beginning, among the deep fjords and bleating sheep of Balsfjord, the bread basket of Northern Norway and my childhood home.

As only a small number of my relatives would be able to make the journey to Belgium for our wedding, we decided to have a family gathering at my parents' home three weeks beforehand. In addition to the party, we would get a few extra days in Norway to be with the family, hike through the mountains and simply take it easy - a proper vacation, in other words.

Once again, our amazing pre-wedding cake,
baked and decorated by Sara O. Stensland.

It was a wonderful weekend, with relatives driving for up to one and a half hours to celebrate with us. We spent most of the evening outside on the porch, wrapped in heavy blankets and talking into the small hours of the night - a night which, in those parts and at that time of the year, never gets any darker than a pale shade of dusk.

The week in Norway flew by like a Belgian thunderhead. My favourite part was the mountain trips. Only now that I've spent some time in flat Flanders can I fully appreciate the untamed topography of my native land.

The mountain in the back is 1011 m above sea level, a climb which I warmly recommend.

The future Mrs. Norwegian AKA Bika enjoys the fresh evening breeze on a Norwegian mountainside.
The water wasn't quite warm enough for swimming,
but did provide some cool relief on a hot day.

It was a short but thoroughly enjoyable vacation. And we needed it. Once we were back in Belgium, thing would start to get hectic.