Friday, December 2, 2011

Jukebox Friday: Amatorski - Come Home

I just cracked open (in the less-destructive-than-it-sounds sense) a mix CD my father-in-law recently gave me, and it's full of goodies. Some of the goodies turned out to be Belgian-made.

Amatorski are a post-rock group from Ghent, composed of Inne Eysermans (vocals, piano, guitar, accordion), Sebastiaan Van Den Branden (vocals, guitar), Hilke Ros (bass), and Christophe Claeys (drums, vibraphone, trumpet). They came into the spotlight in 2010 when they reached the finals in Humo's Rock Rally, which was ultimately won by School Is Cool.

Amatorski. Photo:

They're currently doing the 'Amatorski film' tour, thusly explained on their website:
Last week we started the 'Amatorski film' tour, a subtle 'mariage' [sic] of music and film in purest Amatorski style. We created a new soundtrack for the Belgian avant-garde film 'Impatience' (1928) and our earlier songs are accompanied by mesmerising visuals from young film talent Stien De Vrieze.
Here's the spooky teaser for the tour:

Amatorski actually played at the Vooruit here in Ghent two nights ago. By the time I found out about it, it was sold out. Better luck next time, I guess.


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  2. Come home is based upon love letters singer Inne Eysermans's grandparents wrote during Word War II