Monday, January 30, 2012

Lichtfestival Gent 2012

On Saturday evening the missus and I visited the Licht Festival Gent, a sparkling annual celebration of electric light. In addition to turning up all the street lights and floodlighting the city's grand old churches, towers and guild halls, the festival features numerous art installations related to light.

The only problem was that we weren't alone. According to De Morgen, we were joined by 199,998 other people. The crowds were so massive that we couldn't help bumping into people left and right. At one point I was almost knocked off my feet, barely avoiding crushing an infant in a stroller. That would've made for some interesting headlines in the morning.

Apart from the risk of infant-crushing, it was quite enjoyable. I didn't get any good pictures of the spectacle, but there were plenty of people on the streets with DSLRs, tripods, and a heap of time. If you want to see some great pictures from this year's festival, check out jan.vens' Flickr album.

I am going to add something of my own, though. At the end of our walk, we passed through an installation by the Italian company Luminarie De Cagna. It was a dazzling piece of architecture: Thousands of multicolored LED bulbs adorned a 50-meter-long portal, transforming Belfortstraat into something like a cross between a gaming arcade, a Persian palace, and E.T.'s apartment. Enjoy the clip.


  1. Thanks for letting me drag you there ;) Next time I hope there are fewer people though! And that it's less cold :o

  2. We should try to go outside the weekend then ;-)