Friday, February 3, 2012

Jukebox Friday: Hooverphonic - Out Of Sight

Highlights from the music video for Hooverphonic's "Out Of Sight" include the world's fastest snail, some impressive use of slow and reverse motion, and the world's tiniest grand piano. Also, for my Norwegian readers, look for the guitarist who looks exactly like Åge Aleksandersen.

Like its sister single "Jackie Cane", "Out Of Sight" is from The Magnificent Tree (2000), Hooverphonic's international breakthrough album. Now you have another reason to buy it.


  1. My favourite Hooverphonic song and even one of the brightest pieces of music Belgium has produced in the last two decades. This song is of international class and I don't get how everyone is so wild about "Mad about you" while forgetting this song. Hooverphonic is popular too here in Spain, but this song is rarely played. They either play Mad About You or a song with the new vocalist. "Out of Sight" is overlooked. Which is a shame because this is one of the best tracks the band has produced and IMO a highlight in modern musical history of Belgium. Love the vocals, I've always liked Geike's voice. She seems a really cute girl too, I like introvert women somehow. She always appealed to me a bit ; but also as a singer, I've always thought she is very underrated. Hopefully her solo career will prove everyone how much talent she has.

    PS: do you know the song Battersea from Hooverphonic? That's another song that I consider of international class, and one of the best songs Belgium produced during in the modern era. Battersea is another hidden gem, another one with haunting vocals by Geike.

    Hooverphonic, one of the bands Belgium can be really proud of. It still feels strange when here in Spain "The night before" (with the new singer, Noemi Wolfs) is sounding in a café or on the radio. They play it quite often really! Each time it's like "hey, that song and that voice, that sounds familiar... Wait, this is Hooverphonic!" and then I would usually shout out loud to my friends "Listen, this is Belgian!!" :)

  2. PS Erlend: I will reply to your question with the translation of that other song we discussed (the one in the Antwerp dialect) one of the next days... Let's just say though that this one by Hooverphonic is a lot cleaner in lyrical content than that other song, and with a much more unique vocal delivery. The other song is however much more popular ; why does good music reach only a select few and carnival-esque music reaches the masses?!

  3. Thanks a lot, Gerrit! I'm listening to "Battersea" right now, and it's great. Ancient Rites turned out to have some good ones, too. Great things are often found in the most unlikely places...

  4. Well, purely music-wise yes, but lyrically Ancient Rites are far-right and quite xenophobic. They have several songs which are clearly promoting European culture and AGAINST the influx of other cultures. For that reason alone I won't ever buy an Ancient Rites album.