Friday, May 4, 2012

Belgian safety group teaches kids how to text safely while driving (video)

That is, they teach them what a stupid idea it is to text while driving.

A driving school in Brussels recently subjected some of their students to a (fake) new road safety measure. Before beginning the day's lesson, the instructor explained to each student that he or she must display an ability to text while driving. The students willingly obliged, and the results are both entertaining and frightening.

The experiment was staged by the Belgian safety group Responsible Young Drivers with the intention of showing that texting while driving is about the most inane thing you could do.

But then again, you know how to do it safely, don't you?

[Story: Responsible Young Drivers via Neatorama via]

1 comment:

  1. That car was totally out of control :-/

    In my opinion, picking up the phone while driving is just as dangerous. Your attention is diverted to the phone call and it's harder to see all the manoeuvres on the road. Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive. There should be more videos like this!