Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy birthday Norway!

Today it's been 198 years since Norway got its Constitution, ending its 278 years as a de facto tributary to Denmark. I plan to celebrate with a traditional Norwegian dish: spaghetti bolognese. Happy Constitution Day!

Photo: Our Vie Sammen


  1. Scandinavia and the Arctic and the Middle East have been obsessions/fascinations of mine since early childhood. Already at age 5 I read travel guide after travel guide about Norway, Iceland, Greenland, ... To settle in Norway was a dream of mine for many years, unfortunately never a reality as every job interview was responded to negatively due to not speaking Norsk fluently (despite the staff all speaking perfect English they required every new colleague to speak Norwegian fluently...)

    Especially the part above the arctic circle fascinates me. I'd love to spend a couple of years in Tromsø or Longyearbyen to witness the amazing natural beauty and the drastic changes of seasons. Norway is a country of amazing beauty and with some of the friendliest people I met in Europe. (not to mention the pretty kvinner ;))

    Happy birthday Norway! One of the brightest stars in the European sky!

  2. Here's a fellow Norwegian in the same situation, living here for a year already but have trouble adjusting. Any hints?


      1. Accept that you come from the best country in the world, and therefore, there are sorely few things Belgium can really offer to an excellent individual such as a purebred Norwegian.

      2. Embrace these few things with every fibre in your body. Drink the beer, eat the waffles, see the cities, drink more beer, try the beef, go on weekend trips to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne. Read comics. Lots of comics.

      3. Stay in touch with all the good people back in Norway. Tell them you're having the time of your life. In time, you will.

      4. Find some Belgians that aren't completely shallow and ignorant. Befriend them.

      5. Don't forget to buy beer for all your friends. I know this is frowned upon as foolish and wasteful where you're from, but here it's as common as kissing guys on the cheek.

      6. Don't flinch too much when guys kiss you on the cheek. You're in Europe now!

      7. Don't hug anyone. Belgians are scared of hugs.

      8. Always remember how lucky you are to be in the heart of Europe, in the eye of the hurricane, no longer spinning around at the desolate periphery that is Norway.

      9. Practice your Norwegian so you don't forget it.

      10. Learn the language. As an expat, nothing's as satisfying as being able to have a conversation with a native in his own language. And the native will thank you, and possibly kiss you and buy you a beer. Go for it!

      I hope at least one of these is new and helpful to you. If not, I can probably come up with a few more.