Friday, May 4, 2012

SlimKicker, a fitness app for the future

I've been a member of this great new site called SlimKicker for a while now, and I really want to tell you how great it is. I've been racking my brain for the past two weeks trying to find a way to tell you about it while keeping on topic. On topic as in, at least a little bit Belgium-related. I think I've finally cracked it.

(Home shopping voice)

Are you tired of gaining excess weight from waffles, chocolate, Trappist beer and French fries? Do you want to get into shape the fun way?

This is a Belgian Blue bull.

You could become just as butch as this strapping young animal if you sign up for SlimKicker today. SlimKicker is a free web community that makes health and exercise fun by employing elements from video games. For every meal or training session you log to your personal profile, you earn experience points. As you level up, you unlock rewards of your choosing. You earn extra points by doing "challenges" in categories such as willpower, emotional, nutrition, and fitness. Examples of challenges are "No Snacks After Dinner", "A Salad A Day", and "Sprint Once a Week".

Many people just need a little nudge to get started with changing their lives. Joining a budding community of like-minded people is a great way to get that nudge. On top of that, the site looks great and has an easy-to-use menu system. There's also a mobile app, which I haven't tried because I'm a poor loser with a Nokia 1616.

Just like Tintin, SlimKicker will help anybody in need. However, it is especially suited for gamers, since the concept is modeled after the reward systems used in video games. Experience points are a well-known feature of role-playing games, and the challenges on SlimKicker are similar to XBox Live achievements (except that they mean something). Also, gamers know how fun online co-operation can be. So why not join an online community that will help you get in shape? After all, we don't want to end up like Cartman in "Make Love, Not Warcraft". Or maybe you do? Then I say good luck to you, sir or madam.

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  1. You'll never end up like that :)

    I'm the one who's gonna get fat, remember? ;)

    Love you <3