Friday, October 19, 2012

Jukebox Friday: Triggerfinger - I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li cover)

(See my last Triggerfinger post here.)

This one's a twofer.

"I Follow Rivers" was originally recorded by Swedish artist Lykke Li and appears on her second studio album, Wounded Rhymes (2011). The song charted all over Europe, grabbing the top spot in Germany, Romania, and Belgium.

Triggerfinger's version was recorded live on the Dutch radio show GIEL in January 2012. The performance is notable for its sparse instrumentation, which consists of a guitar, a simple drum machine beat, a knife, a cup, and a glass.

Original Lykke Li version:

Triggerfinger version:


  1. The song was sung by Karolien Goris in the final of "Belgium's Got Talent". She won the contest (although the "cute little girl" look will have contributed to that success as much as her singing. That said, she did sing it very well, although in a more radio friendly style than the original so it's a matter of what style you prefer. She did sing it very well)

    Triggerfinger's version is nice, nice that they call it "The Fragile Version" because of the more low key semi-acoustic sound.

    I didn't know Lykke Li before your post redirected to the original video. Well... Just... wow. I want to hear more music of this lady. Which other songs do you recommend?

    Triggerfinger did the cover well, but after hearing the original (I keep pressing the replay button) I have to say that the original is just so much better than the cover. Which doesn't mean the cover is bad, it merely means that (personal opinion) the original is extremely good. There's those songs that the instant you hear it, it grabs you and gets under your skin. The Lykke Li version is one of those. What an amazingly beautiful song. It's in so many details, the little noises added in the intro, the small distortions on the song, the somewhat dark atmosphere in the sound.

    Any other Lykke Li songs you would recommend? I liked the Triggerfinger version, but never heard the original. I must have been living on Pluto not to have noticed such beauty.

  2. I'm glad you like it! I'm also sorry to say that I don't know any other Lykke Li songs. You may be living on Pluto, but I might as well be on Uranus myself. I'll be sure to let you know if I unearth some more gems from this exciting Swedish artist!

  3. This is the version of Karolien which won Belgium's Got Talent:

    She surely sings well but with all due respect; she won mainly because of the "cute little girl" factor. First of all her version lacks the haunting dark tune of the Lykke Li original, her English has several errors, and the chorus is terrible. "Dark boom baby"? That isn't even the correct lyric. And while this is one mistake, the difference between "dark doom honey" and "dark boom baby" makes a big difference: the one totally fits the dark atmosphere of the song, the other sounds downward silly. Also she mispronounces several other words. Now as I said, I really love the Lykke Li original, it is simply an amazing song. Maybe it is just that some songs are not intended to be covered because the original cannot be improved anyway. Maybe this adds to my sentiment why I didn't like Karolien's version.

    She did cover "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran in the semi finals and there she did a very good job. There her English was without mistakes and she totally changed the rhytm of the song and turned it into something very different than the original. That worked out very well, her cover of Lykke Li just didn't work out at all to me. But as said, maybe I just like the original too much to be able to fully appreciate a cover version.

    I rented "Wounded Rhymes" in the library so I am very excited to hear the full album. Just a 2 or 3 songs half as good as "I follow rivers" and I'll buy the album. If only shops still sold CD singles instead of thinking everyone prefers an iTunes download, I'd have long bought the single. Anyways, I rented the album now and very excited to hear more of Lykke Li the coming days.

    1. You're right about the lyrics, but the fact remains that Karolien Goris has an amazing voice for an 11-year-old.

      On that note, what would be a more appropriate song for her? It must be challenging to pick a well-known pop song that wouldn't sound ridiculous coming from someone that young.