Friday, January 18, 2013

Belgian war correspondent killed in Syria

The Doha Centre for Media Freedom has so far documented 72 professional or citizen journalists who have died during the Syrian civil war. The 73rd entry will be a Belgian.

Today Didier Reynders, the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, confirmed the death of Yves Debay, 58. He was killed by sniper fire in Aleppo.

Debay was born on Christmas Eve in 1954, in Elisabethville in the Belgian Congo. He joined the Belgian Army at the age of 21 and eventually became a tank commander. He fought with the Rhodesians against guerilla troops in the Rhodesian Bush War of 1964-1979. In 1985, he became a war correspondent. He has covered wars in Lebanon, the Persian Gulf, the Balkans, and Afghanistan. His recent assignment to Syria would be his last.

Yves Debay (1954-2013). Source

We will most likely never find out who fired the deadly shot. Anti-government militants have released images of Debay's body, along with claims that he was killed by government troops.

Sources: (Dutch)

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