Sunday, March 10, 2013

News and links: week 10

  • The Brussels commune of Molenbeek has cancelled a debate on Zionism following complaints regarding the use of an anti-Semitic charicature to promote the event. The cartoon, depicting an Israeli soldier posing as an ultra-Orthodox Jew and tipping the scales of justice toward a single white man, was created by the anti-Semitic French artist Zeon. (
  • The Daily Mail's Travel section has a wonderful article on Ghent. (

This cartoon by the French artist Zeon was used to promote a (now cancelled) debate on Zionism in Brussels.

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  1. Sigh, or shall I say "chas vechalila" חַז וְחַל׳לה

    OK, the cartoon is a bit distateful. But cancelling a sincere debate is giving in to censorship. The moments arts are censored because of religious folks being too easily insulted, we're on a slippery slope. I'm quite sure the average Jew (secular Jews) would even mock with such cartoon. Only the Halacha and the Orthodox would probably heavily react, but they are a minority in Israel. This is a pity as this would have been an excellent debate.

    PS: ordered my own self designed T-shirt with Hebrew text on the chest today. !תוֹב מֵוֹד

    I still love all stuff Israëli, no matter what cartoon... with the following exceptions:
    Benyamin Netanyahu
    The majority of the Likud party
    The minority of organisations who support the annexation of the entire West Bank

    Luckily, and I hope people will realise this, thus is not exactly representative of the average Israëli or Jew. A lot of people within Israel are sick and tired of all the violence, and some prominent artists like Orphaned Land and Aviv Geffen have very openly called for long term peace. I believe sooner or later the call for peace will be too loud to ignore.

    Also, hopefully people realise the vast difference between Judaism as a culture and/or religion, and Zionism which is essentially a political philosophy. A lot of Jews do not support Zionism.