Sunday, March 31, 2013

News and links, week 13

  • As the first university in Europe, Ghent University has formally recognized a student club devoted to BDSM. The club's official status makes it eligible for subsidies and allows it to organize activities on campus. It's probably not worth mentioning that these activities will not actually include any BDSM practices. (HLN)

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  1. So the meetings of the board are on the university campus, and then they're off to some dodgy club in town to put into practice what they discussed? :) Anyways, I do object to prudish stuff like censorship on sexuality. A bare breast on TV is enough to label it unsuitable for children... Talking openly about sex is still a bit of a taboo. That obviously makes no sense, and any initiative that gets sex out of that taboo atmosphere should be encouraged. However, this may be one exception.

    The question is mainly where legal boundaries will be drawn and whether they will be followed? Some people do role plays in bed, the "master and servant" stuff. Often those are very innocent role plays, not going as far or maximum as far as tying your partner to the bed with a very thin robe that won't even hurt. A lot of people do such stuff. Is that BDSM or simple experimenting with sex?

    The moment legal boundaries are crossed, the club should be disencouraged. I also have to admit I find it a bit odd to realise some people find pleasure in being dominated in bed... but anyways, to each his own and who am I to judge? As long as it remains in the legal framework, it's basically not really anyone's business and any initiative breaking taboos gets my approval. As long as legal boundaries are respected and obviously as long as we're talking about two adults who mutually agree to do whatever they wish to try.