Monday, September 16, 2013

"Hold this for me, okay?"

For a long time, the presence of U.S. nuclear weapons at the Kleine Brogel Air Base in Limburg has been a public secret. In a cable from 2009, recently posted on WikiLeaks, then-ambassador Howard Gutman turns the secret into a fact:
On the military side, the American tactical nuclear weapons stationed at Kleine Brogel in Belgium make its government take a cautious approach.
It's a shame that the Belgian people need a channel like WikiLeaks to inform them that an ally is keeping WMDs in their backyard.

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  1. We all know (well those of us who are into politics) that there are nuclear weapons in Kleine Brogel. I saw a great documentary on US war policies: make sure to build a army base in every corner of the world, in every continent and region, and that way you assure military presence in each outpost of the world and thus military world domination comes close... It is disgusting, but sadly enough, it's happening already for years. Start a war somewhere, build a military base, and keep that operating after the war is over, and you are military present all over the world.

    I have nothing against the US people, most Americans I met are very nice people. But politically, I don't trust this country at all. Remember Bush Sr quoting after the fall of the Iron Curtain that it was the perfect moment to install a "new world order"? I'm glad Russia is showing they won't accept being pushed aside and would much rather have them as leading nation (if there really has to be a superpower... Ideally we'd just all get along)

    Also, while again I have nothing against American citizens, mild right wing is already called "socialist" there with a very insulting undertone. As a "filthy communist" (as they would call me - I admit being communist, but I don't admit being filthy!) , one who is involved with charity in Cuba, and one strongly opposing the death penalty, I don't want to set foot in this country as long as the US continues its current political paths. As a tourist, you only spend money and support the (collapsing) economy of a country which may be fascinating and full of nice people, but lead by a government I really cannot support in any way.

    Ideally, we would all be one. One race, the human race, and stand united. If we however must have a global leading nation, i'd much rather have Russia than the US to keep an eye on what happens in the world. I don't exactly like Putin that much... But he is spot on in what he wrote recently: "many people see the US no longer as a haven of freedom, but as an aggressor towards other nations". Spot on.