Friday, September 27, 2013

Jukebox Friday: Hooverphonic - You Hurt Me

I get a nice 90s vibe from this 2005 song. Trademark strings, clever chords and the silver-dagger vocals of Geike Arnaert await you!


  1. Hooverphonic. One of the greatest Belgian bands, and truly deserving their success abroad. That said, what do you think of the new singer, Erlend? I like Noemie Wolfs (and she's one of the prettiest women walking around in Belgium too) but purely vocally, I miss Geike in Hooverphonic. A song like "Battersea" for example, or "Out of Sight" ... You just miss something when it's a different vocalist, even if she is generally doing a good job. Of course we can reverse this question and wonder: would Geike be doing an equally good job on the songs of the "The Night Before" album? It seems that Alex Callier (who composes the songs and does keyboards and guitars) has changed the songwriting a bit each time a new vocalist arrived (before Geike, Liesje Sadonius did the vocals, but that's quite a long time ago), as if he adapted the songs to the voice that would be singing them. That is a great skill, but of course the issue is when a new vocalist has to sing a song written for the previous vocalist.

    Changing vocalist is the hardest thing to do, because they are the voice and face of the band, and usually the most recognisable. The one in the spotlight that people identify the band with. Genesis made the change succesfully (even though the sound changed a lot once Phil Collins did the vocals), The Undertones made the change quite succesfully, Nosferatu changed vocalist so often the fans probably swallow whatever they hear, Nightwish got away with it relatively well, ... But in general, the voice of the band makes the sound of the band recognisable and is very tough to replace.

    Hooverphonic to me is and remains the band I associate with Geike. But that said, the new material is clearly adapted to Noemie Wolfs, and she does a very good job with the new songs.

    1. I prefer Noemie Wolfs' voice. If I were to compare Geike and Noemie's vocals with one word, it would be "snappy" vs. "emotional". Regardless, Geike will always be associated with "classic" Hooverphonic while Noemie Wolfs will always be the "new" girl. This is similar to bands like Van Halen and Black Sabbath, where the change of vocalist could be considered as marking (if not causing) a change in the style and perception of a group.

  2. OK, forget about Geike. Forget about Hooverphonic. Forget about Vaya Con Dios.Forget about Selah Sue. A new talent has risen that blows them all away.

    The name is Birdy, she is from the UK. But, and here it gets interesting for this blog, she has Belgian roots as her grandparents were Flemish immigrants in England. She still has a very Dutch sounding surname.

    At age 17 only, she's penned her second album herself, and result is beyond beautiful. Truly a talent that has the chances to become a globally respected singer. If you can write songs like her, so emotional, and sing with such pure voice, when you're just 17 ... then you know the future looks very bright. And yes, she's British, third generation immigrant. But still, we can be a bit proud knowing about her Belgian roots :)


    the video with the bright colours at night remind me of "Run" by Snow Patrol. The chorus is equally heartwarming as the one of "Run". Listen carefully to the lyrics and the warmth of the chorus. This is one of those songs to be played with embracing your loved one and kissing him/her tenderly with eyes closed, with the romantic lyrics sung by Birdy's angelic voice reverbing in the background. This song is pure magic and it has a slight Belgian touch to it.

    1. Thanks for the tip! "Wings" is the kind of triumphant pop ballad we all need to hear once in a while :)