Saturday, June 21, 2014

Belgium on the QI Elves podcast

The BBC show QI, hosted by the great Stephen Fry, is one of the most sublime unions of entertainment and knowledge in television history. Recently, an equally fantastic appendage to the "quniverse" came into being: No Such Thing As A Fish, a weekly podcast packed with quite interesting facts presented by the researchers behind the TV show, the QI Elves.

I heartily recommend the show to any podcast fan out there, or anyone who just loves fun facts. The content is very similar to QI but with a greater level of nerdiness and a higher frequency of facts. In other words, it's the greatest thing ever.

I'm bringing it up here because Belgium has popped up in a couple of recent episodes:

Firstly, episode 13, "No Such Thing As A Funny Nazi", features a guest appearance by Lieven Scheire, Belgium's brainiest comedian who also hosts the QI-esque panel show Scheire en de schepping on VIER. He tells the story of when Nazi Germany employed a pair of state comedians, and explains how dolphins get high.

Lastly, a series of minisodes have been released on the podcast's SoundCloud page. The episodes feature facts related to the countries partaking in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and you can find the episode on Belgium (versus Algeria) right here. My favorite fact: only 2% of Belgians know the words to their own national anthem.

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